The fire protection piping system of the future

The fire protection pipe and joints have undergone temperature/pressure tests and other strict performence tests for wet sprinkler application and high-pressure sprinkler application. Advanced coutries have already established national standards to apply cpvc pipes to fire protection for better performance and greater sticefaction.



Property of C-PVC

Property of C-PVC
Property Measure Standards C-PVC
Physical property Specific gravity ASTM D ASTM D 792 1.53
Hardness   ASTM D 785 140
Absorption factor mg/㎠ ASTM D 570 0.04~0.06
Chemical property Tensile strength ㎏f/㎠ JIS K 6742 500~550
Flexural strength ㎏f/㎠ ASTM D 970 900
Compression strength ㎏f/㎠ ASTM D 695 700
Cutting intencity ㎏f/㎠ ASTM D 732 420
Elongation rate %   40~80
Longitudinal coefficient ㎏f/㎠ ASTM D 747 3×104
Specific heat     0.38
Impulse strength ㎏f/㎝/㎠ ASTM D 256 8
Thermal property Coefficient of linear expansion ℃-1 ASTM D 696 6-8×10-15
Specific heat cal/(g.℃)   0.2~0.3
Thermal conductivity kcal/(h.m.℃)   0.095~0.12
Softening temperature JIS K 6742 110~117
Heat-processing temperature   150~160
Combustible   ASTM D 635  
Electric property Volume resistivity Ω.㎝ ASTM D 257 5.5×100015
Withstand voltage kV/㎜   More than 40
Dielectric constant   ASTM D 150 3.2

Self-extingushing property

As CPVC requires three times more oxygen than the atmosphere in order to combust,
it does not burn and generates less smoke or spark to cause fire.

Limit Oxygen index(L.O.I)

Material C-PVC Cotton PE PP PS PB Brich
L.O.I 60 17 18 18 18 18 20
※ More than three times the oxygen content in the atmosphere (21%) required (properties that are burned)

Korea Advanced Institute of Industrial Fire certification Fire Test

Exam conditions : Plastic pipe fire performance testing technical standard fire test Article 16
한국소방산업기술원 인증 화재시험

Excellent Corrosion-resistance and Eco-friendly Properties

As CPVC pipes are ircorrodible there is no scale so rust caused by corrosion do not block the hole of sprinkler head. With antistatic agent, the pipes do not accumulate scale and CPVC materials and adhesives are harmless to the human body or the ecosystem.
부식 및 스케일이 없음

Economic Comparison

Units per generation (2G + Co) - 33 based on the equilibrium (109M²)

Economic Comparison
Product Name Bill of materials Labor costs Price ratio Vide
Dongguan 3,362,700 1,398,400 4,731,100 215% Pipe year
Bag Pipe 1,013,100 1,186,900 2,200,000 100%  
C-PVC 1,328,800 639,100 1,967,900 89.50% Pipe year
Deductions 315,700 -547,800 -232,100 -10.60% Pipe year