Ceo Greeting

First, the trust will create a company
with sincere customer happy.

Youyoung Chemical Co,. Ltd,. since we were established in 1990, has manufactured PVC pipes applied to every area of construction, including civil works, housing, and general construction, with leadership in Korea's PVC market.

Concentrating only on PVC for the last 20 years, we have achieved unequalled technologies and strict quality control systems.

Complying with today's eco-friendly trends, we have already begun to use eco-friendly materials for all pipes for water and sewer applications to contribute to preserving clear waters and clean environment.

We have always maintained stable financial conditions despite the fast-changing management environment. Since 2000, we have focused on investment in technological development and finally succeeded applying carbon fiber compounds, known as the "fiber of dreams", to PVC pipes for the first time in the world last year. We have been recognized for quality and performance.

We have also acquired quality certificates for synthetic resin CPVC pipes for fire protection to contribute to the fire protection market with our accumulated technologies and superme quality.

Saying goodbye to the last 20 years and preparing for another 20 years, we promise to apply out accumeulated experience in quality control to new technologies from R&D to provide the best eco-friendly pipes in the market and in the world.

We appreciate your continued interests in us and we promise to pay back with supreme quality and the best customer services.

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